Sunday, September 5, 2010

Director's Lab West 2010 - continued

The second event of day 1 was a panel discussing how to balance their careers as educators with their roles as artists.  The panel featured: Luis Alfaro, Andy Barnicle, Michael Hackett, and Velina Hasu Houston.  Some valuable points that arose from the discussion centered on the need for mentorship in the professional theatre.  A number of the panelists said they would like to see the older generation taking responsibility for mentoring young artists.

Additional thoughts:

  • People need to get over their rigid ideas of what the theatrical experience is supposed to be, and we need to expand the notion of what theatre is.
  • Artists do not need to worry about being competitive with one another because what each artist is doing is so personal and specific.
  • In LA right now, there is a vacuum of leadership; new leaders need to emerge.

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