Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Possible Stint as a Goverment Worker?

So, I'm applying for one of these census jobs.  It's not exactly artistic work, but I have a strange inclination to civic-minded activities.  Also on the agenda, though not necessarily by choice, is jury duty.  I'm only on call, but I kind of hope I get to serve on a jury.  I'm not one of those people whose sole goal is to get out of it.  I think it would be a very interesting experience.  And it would let me see first hand a glimpse of our legal system.  I can compare it to the many depictions I've watched in my beloved evening crime dramas! 

But back to the census work.  It's a temporary project, so it's not like I'm launching into a career working for the government. And it pays very well for temp work.  But I think it appeals to me in a similar way some aspects of theatre do.  For a period of time, I'll get to learn a new field, inhabit a world different than my usual, and learn skills specific to a particular area of work.  When I'm directing a play, it's the research and emersion into the world of the play that thrills me.  I loved spending a few weeks trying to think like a Shaker while I was directing As it Is in Heaven.  Relishing the sewing and handicrafts, bonding with a group of girls trying to think like a community.  Or listening to interviews with released political prisoners while rehearsing Two Rooms.  Or chatting up artists and gallery owners during the process for Abstract Expression.  This is work that appeals to my desire to learn a little about EVERYTHING.

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