Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life Together

I am so moved by long marriages. A life committed to a single partner isn't for everyone, but for those who seek it and find it, oh what rich rewards! It is a precious thing to be by your love's side through growth and discovery and soul-shaping experiences. Living within my love's view makes me want to live a worthwhile life. Remembering to step back, to be able to see this very moment as one small part of the big overall arc of our lives together, motivates me to set aside the petty worries, to let go of talk of menial household tasks and responsibilities, and to make each encounter together a moment worth remembering. If this morning's events were written into a play, which exchanges would I edit out? Did I say or do anything that my love can think fondly of throughout our hours apart? Or did I drag out an old burden from the pile in the corner and add a weight to his load to carry through the day? When I see him again, what can I offer to let warmth and light into his heart? These are daily choices, and sometimes I make the wrong one. If I remind myself more often to make the choice that will make us both happier, then such choices can become easy habits, and ultimately become simply the way I live my life. This can smooth the way towards fashioning a lifelong adventure to be lived together, hand in hand.

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  1. I couldn't agree more! What a great post to remind us all to make respectful and loving choices each day to fill our partner with warmth and light. You two are a great source of inspiration. I, too, am wholly fulfilled in my marriage and can't wait to spend the remaining chapters of my life with my Jeff. :)