Friday, March 16, 2012


On overcast days, sojourn to the beach,
heavy grey clouds hanging,
the ocean frothy slate washing up,
salty scent, of jasmine   bougainvillea   sage,
quiet and cool except the volleyball players and joggers,
but mostly my own thoughts
and the infinity of the horizon.

Sunny days, take to the shade of the forest trails,
dirt mountain paths, leafy canopies
alternating cool shade and warm sun patches,
pines, mist and moist rock, river beds, soft pine needles orange and green, and moss
birds fluttering, chirping, cooing,
sweat and heavy breath relieved by occasional breezes.

Snowfall brings me out for storefront browsing,
gift shopping, coffee sipping,
stylish wools and tweeds, oft-neglected boots for more than just fun,
soft fluffy flakes landing in my hair before melting away,
brisk, cold, sharp air, scent of frost like barbs but welcome and fresh,
smoothness of cold skin, watery eyes, pink cheeks.

Rainy moody favorite moments,
indoors with a good window view
to see and hear the thundering drops making impact,
lilacs rich   heavy   tearful,
songs like the cure and the clash,
favorite flannel and a teenage heart of passion.

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