Friday, January 13, 2012

The Characters in My Life

I am a storyteller in my work.  In my life, I often feel like I have no interesting stories to tell.   But interesting characters are all around me.  Yes, I know some real characters.  Occasionally, I think about the people who have passed through my life, and I imagine how they would fit into a really great play.  If my life story is the plot, what function does each person serve?  What do I want from them and what have I learned from each?  How do they contrast with one another?  One friend's foibles may enhance another friend's virtues, or even my own.  Perhaps the admirable choice of a family member prods me to examine the ethics of my routine ways.  Creative inspiration is surrounding me.  I can imagine someone I spent time with this week, and consider, what is that person's most conspicuous characteristic?  If I was directing an actor in a play, how could I utilize this trait in an amusing way?  If I wanted to explain my friend to a stranger, how would I sum up my perception of their essence?  Can I step far enough outside of myself to perceive my own qualities and life story, and could I sum it up in an engaging way?  And if I can't, then perhaps I need to do more meaningful work with my time.

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