Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cry Through It

There are some experiences that we need to suffer through even when we know we're not alone in them.  Sleep training an infant or toddler is stressful.  Every parent I've talked to about it feels miserable while listening to their child cry.  But so much literature out there strongly encourages us to teach our little ones to sooth themselves to sleep for their own benefit.  I presume they know what they're talking about.  I've heard and read from so many parents who suffered through it and found that after a few days their child went to sleep much more easily.  With our little Fox, we've gone back and forth between easy bedtimes and rough ones.  Regressions tend to happen at the cusp of new skill developments.  Right, now it's biggies of walking and talking.  With each regression, there is the dilemma of whether he needs me to just be sympathetic and try to ease him through it, or whether he'd be better off if I was tough with a firm routine.  Although I would like to take comfort in the knowledge that many have gone through this successfully, it sure is hard.

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