Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Heart

When I married you, I did not give you my heart. That would be placing an impolite burden of responsibility upon you to tend to its care. My heart is always my own to keep happy and healthy. A better metaphor would be to say that I opened the door to you alone to the garden of my heart. Side by side with an open doorway joining them, the gardens of our two hearts become nurturing playgrounds for us both. We look after one another's well-being like good neighbors and lovers. The flora is more abundant, diverse, and unusual for the cross pollination that can happen as butterflies flutter in from your garden and bees buzz back to you from mine. Taking care of my own heart is a duty I relish for the benefits it allows me to offer to you, my love.


  1. Very Lovely indeed. It produces several vibrations and without exception is never to be viewed upon as plain. Two thumbs up! Ha ha

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Much appreciated.