Monday, January 30, 2012


When I participated in the SITI in LA Suzuki and Viewpoints workshop, the instructors from SITI Company continuously referred to the work they were teaching as "training".  They use this word, not in the sense of it being lessons, but rather, practice.  They compared it to the way a runner trains for a marathon.  In the theatre, we don't always think about training in this way.  It is a useful approach for cultivating a habit of disciplined work.  If I have a long stretch of time during which I am not performing or directing, like a runner not wanting muscles to get soft, I don't want to let my my skills atrophy.  It would be a disappointment to return to my work feeling like I was a few steps behind rather than picking up where I left off.  I realize I've been idle for a while, so I must create exercises for myself to keep my mind trained.

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